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Benefits of Part time jobs for both Employers and Employees

Posted by | August 22, 2015 | Part time employment

Any job position for which a company do not wish to hire a full-time staff is considered to be a part time job. High inflation rates, rising cost of living as well as high education expenses are some of the reasons that have enticed the working class to source for other alternative earning options. This is the tragedy of every man in the street. Many working individuals are considering the option of a part time job as a secondary source of income. Part time opportunity seekers typically work for lesser hours in comparison to their full time counterparts.


The part-time job option is a popular choice for many working class who are looking forward to earn a second flexible income while working from home. It is a well-known fact that both small businesses and large organizations make use of the employees seeking work other than their primary job. The working hours may range from a few hours to up to 40 hours per week as per the work assigned. However, part time employees are scheduled to work for at least 20 hours per week on a regular basis and are expected to be employees in the organization for minimum of one year. Also, they get limited benefits from the organization, but are eligible for all types of leaves.


A part-time or temp job has always been considered as a means to accumulate monthly savings, moreover, there are extra benefits that can help an individual lead a more meaningful life. Here are some of the benefits which people usually do not notice but yet can reap the benefits to improving their life, career, financial health and reputation as a professional.


  1. You Acquire New Skills


You might take up a job which requires you to use a certain skill set, that you did not possess ever before to utilize in a job. This skill set might act like a cherry on top, with your current skill set. For instance, you work as a customer service support agent and take a part-time job that requires the skills of a data entry office assistant. So, after you have spent a considerable amount of time working on both roles, you can apply for higher job openings which  require the skill set which you acquired both as a data entry operator and as a customer service agent.




  1. Leading to more and better job opportunities


As mentioned above, part-time jobs allow you to acquire skills and expertise, which might lead to a full-time job offer from the same domain or the employer. If you work with dedication and commitment, your employer might offer you a full-time position considering the fact that you have added value to his business, that too, being a part-timer and shall help you in getting identified as a professional who brings to the table more than what they promised.


  1. More professionals in your network


Over a period of time, you would have worked with a diversified range of professionals from various industries, domains and job areas. As commonly known, a professional network opens up more and more avenues of business. Before you know it, a full-time job offer might come up from this network of professionals that you have built up over the years.


  1. Taking the first step towards Entrepreneurship


Working as a part-timer is more like working as an entrepreneur or as a business owner. As a part-timer, you are responsible for marketing your skills and services, following up on payments and negotiating for payment plans, which is more of working like an entrepreneur. Hence, after working as a part-timer over the years, you will master the tricks of your trade and can emerge as an entrepreneur offering the same services, on a bigger scale as compared to a part-timer.


  1. Flexibility of time


People working in this field enjoy flexibility of time as the key advantage. As they work less than the full-time employees, and so they are able to satisfy other personal obligations and professional responsibilities at the same time In addition, they have the option of working at any time of the day, be it morning, afternoon, evening or night according to their schedules. This is very useful for working mothers as they have to juggle between their regular household chores and part time jobs.



  1. Gain experience in diverse fields


It is a great idea to increase your knowledge in other sectors. For instance, if your job does not furnish you with new opportunities to learn or enhance your skill-sets, then you can always seek a part time job as per your interest.


  1. Reduced dependency on a job


Taking this type of job broadens your job prospects and you’re not solely dependent on one single job.

Chance to work after retiring

Generally, these jobs have nothing to do with the age. This means, if you’re retired, then this is a great option to use your time constructively instead of idling around.



What advantages does a company enjoy in hiring part time-workers?


  1. Cost savings

A significant importance of hiring a part time employee is cost cutting. Part time workers are paid on an hourly basis and their hours of work is scheduled as and when required by the company. Mostly part time employees do not qualify for company retirement plans which saves a lot of money. To encourage them, the company initiates bonus/commission programs which are usually performance based.


  1. Reducing workload

Part time employees are often hired to share the workloads of the organizations. In addition, companies also strategically hire the employees for future assignments to build an integral workforce.


  1. Customer Service

To maintain seamless and continuous customer service, companies hire seasonal staff when they foresee increase in company activity. For example, retail companies bring in extra staff during the winter holidays to carry the smooth functioning of the businesses.

It would be right to conclude that part time jobs are integrated as an essential part of the business, thereby providing job opportunities to a larger number of people.