Skillsfuture courses to improve your employability

In view of tough economic prospect ahead, it is important that one should equip themselves with essential skills that will both improve their employability as well as make oneself more valuable in the eyes of the company. Listed below are types of course which you would find valuable to invest time and your skillsfuture credit in.

Website skills

Most companies would have a corporate website. If you are working in a SME then it is likely that there isn’t a website specialist whose job is to maintain and update the website. It is fairly simple to update and maintain the contents and software of a simple corporate website. Even restoring the website after a simple hack can be done by the amateur with a bit of know-how from attending the right course. Before volunteering to update and maintain your company website, you might want to clarify with your boss that you can only do basic maintenance and updating. If major changes are needed or a serious hack occurs, professionals would have to be engaged. End of the day, you want to show that you are valuable to the company but not to be exploited.

Digital marketing

If your company engages in retail or consumer products, marketing is essential to the profitability of the company and digital is the new black. Digital and online retail sales is projected to reach 4 trillion US dollars by 2020 according to a report by eMarketer. Whether you are a marketing professional or not, being versed in digital marketing brings depth to your capability.


Knowing photoshop editing skills means you can help to touch up your boss photo in the company magazine or even pictures in the PowerPoint presentation your company would be presenting to the clients. It is also very useful on a personal level to enhance the looks of the pictures you have in your blog.


The usefulness of excel in the workplace is underpublicized. Most deskbound office workers would need to use excel for a variety of data processing and presentation functions. If you are already pretty good at using the basic excel functions, you can try an advanced course where you can learn about VBA which is the language used to program macros for excel. Knowing VBA means one can customize the excel function to better suit your office requirement and thus improving productivity.


Interpretation of data and presenting them in a convincing manner is an important skill to master for managers. It is difficult for your bosses or directors to approve million-dollar budget for projects if one is not able to present statistical facts. Being able to collate and analyze data is extremely useful in making business decisions such as deciding how to position a product/service or which product line to launch. Impress your bosses with your insights using statistics!