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Top Part time Jobs for University Students in singapore

Posted by | August 20, 2015 | Part time employment, Students

There are a lot of part time jobs in Singapore but they usually involves repetitive work and does not pay well. So What are the options available if you are a university undergraduate looking to supplement your  pocket money or helping out with your family household expenses.

    1. Mystery Shopping

    Mystery shopping is an assignment where you get to act as a normal shopper which main task is to access and qualify the service standards of the retailers. Mystery shopping jobs are not usually posted out directly and are available only to those who are on the mystery shoppers list of the mystery shopping companies. After completing the assignment, the mystery shopper would be required to complete a report on the quality and service level of the retail shop being accessed. After the submission of the report and checking by the relevant staff, you will be paid and reimburse accordingly if you have to purchase any item as part of the mystery shopping assignment.

    Criteria: You would need a good command of English or at the very minimum able to write/type with proper structuring of sentences and grammar.  Some companies even requires that you have an A2 for English in O levels. However, you can always try your luck.  As long as your write well. there is no reason why they would not use you as a mystery shopper.

    For those who are interested in mystery shopping as a part time job, you can try out http://www.xec.gapbuster.com/


    They provide mystery shopping part time jobs for various fast food restaurants, supermarket and digital products. So you can make some part time money and eat for free at the same time. Good luck trying!gapbuster screenshot

    1. Private Tuition

    Everybody knows this is good money as a part time job for undergraduate students. There are a few reasons why private tuition is best for undergrads if you have gotten good grades during your O or A levels.

    1. Knows the latest syllabus since your O levels and A levels are still so fresh in your mind
    2. Able to share exam experiences with your students
    3. Able to charge lower rates compared to full time tutors who rely on this for a living.

    Criteria: Good Grades for the subject(s) you are teaching during your O or A levels. Punctual and able to turn up on time for lessons without fail.

    Tips to take note: Look for agency who do not collect your fees on your behalf. Surprisingly, there are some who do. If you are looking for a trustworthy agency, try out: http://firstclass.sg

    First Class tuition

    1. Event helper for Seminars/Previews/Conferences.

    Being an event helper can mean a great variety of part time jobs. I am not referring to mascots, clowns or flyer distributors in some carnival sort of events. Those jobs are very tiring and might not pay as well as you might expect. However being an event helper in events like Seminars, Course previews or some regional conferences not only get your good pay but you also picked up a lot of knowledge and skill during the process.

    Plus point: Some seminars operators are targeting working adults for their customers so the timing for their seminars are usually on weekday evenings. So as long as you have proven yourself to be a responsible and reliable worker, you can work with them on a long term part time basis without affecting your studies.

    Critera: Almost none. as long as you dress in a presentable manner and follow the dress code.

    1. Part time Translator

    Most Singaporeans are effectively bilingual in English( the official language) and their mother tongue( Mandarin , Malay and Tamil). So you can effectively help others to translate their documents from English to another language or vice versa. There seems to be excessive demand for chinese translators due to the rise of China as a Consumer market. Other language translators like French, German or Japanese are also highly sought after. Try out the following : http://www.translatorsbase.com

    Criteria: if your Client is overseas, the preferred payment mode might be paypal so it might make sense for you to create a paypal account and link it to your savings account in the bank.

    Translator Part time jobs





    1. Cafe Part Time Jobs

    Cafe Part time jobs are usually less stressful than fast food restaurants but they do require you to pick up certain skills and techniques such as coffee brewing or making frappucino . The environment is also less oily than a typical fast food outlet selling fried foods.

    Here not only will you learn to make coffee, you will also learn to prepare salads, cakes, some finger foods as well as operate the cashier machine/NETS/credit cards terminals. Lots of things to learn in a cosy environment.

    So if you have a passion for coffee, try out the following

    Part time jobs for students at starbucks

    Part time Jobs for students at Coffee Bean

    Part Time Jobs for students at TCC

    6 . Focus group survey

    A Focus group survey is a group discussion that is organized by the market research company in charge. The main purpose of the focus group is to get feedback from customers or potential customers on their products or service offering. A typical focus group session usually lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours. Participants in the focus group need to be actively contributing to the discussion so there will be a phone interview prior to the focus group. For their efforts participants are usually well rewarded of at least $20 up. The best payout I have seen for a focus group targeting drivers was $120 for a 1.5 hours session. And the best part of the deal: Payment on the spot.


    There are varying criteria for focus group participants as it depends on the clients target market and product offering. In general, you have to be fluent and comfortable conversing in English, having an opinion and able to elaborate on it when asked.



    1. Movie Theatre Jobs

    This is an exciting job because people always think that they can watch movies for free. That is not true most of the time. Unless you are responsible for playing the movies from the control room, you are always busy selling tickets or pop corn. Being in the same role can get a bit repetitive at times so there is job rotation: you sell tickets this week and the next week you might be checking for tickets at the entry.

    You would also get to meet many new friends who are around your age. not to mention the occasional free drinks or snack. The only drawback about this job is that it doesn’t pay well. The pay would be around a part time job at a fast food restaurants but when you are combing the movie theatres after a show have ended, there are usually surprising finds like coins or dollar notes. It seems that people do lose things easily in the dark.

    So if you are interested in an evening part time job to supplement your income while schooling, this is a good option that doesn’t require any experience. If you have to knock off after 12, you can also claim taxi fare.

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